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Our Story

Crossing the Bridge

Crossing the Bridge rice noodles is a specialty dish from Yunnan province, China. Originated in the city of Meng Zi, it is one the most renowned dishes of Yunnan cuisine due to its long history and its official status in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of China.

At Fudao, our rice noodles are made from rice, ground into fine rice flour, and then processed into noodles. Fudao’s rice noodles have a supple and chewy texture, containing high nutritional value including abundant vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and energy to help maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

The broth served at Fudao contains the pure essence of premium pork bone, chicken, duck, and pork belly. These ingredients are boiled for over 10 hours until it reaches a rich, flavourful and aromatic state. All of our ingredients are freshly prepared and every dish is reasonably priced.